On horseback to the artic circle!

Big plans, that is what I call Carolien Staal’s plan! In daily life Carolien is the marketing manager of Dutch horse feed company Pavo and in her free time she rides trails with her horse. But not regular trails. She came up with the idea to ride more than 1000 miles, destination; artic circle! Straight through Germany and Sweden.

On her website she writes about the preparations that go into such an adventure. An impressive project where I needed to learn more about. So I invited her over for coffee. On a trip like that you need good gear, not only for your horse, but also for yourself.

You don’t want anything that scratches, aches, or is otherwise uncomfortable. Or anything that makes you smell worse than your horse after a couple of hours..

6388615That’s where our merino wool enters! Ideal for long rides due to its temperature regulating properties. It dries quick, doesn’t absorb odour and is lightweight.

We thought it would be a good idea to help Carolien with good clothing and to follow the preparations of her journey, not only on our website, but also on her own site and through publications in the Dutch magazine Ros.

A super project, where you definitely hear more about in the future!


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