Organic cotton sweater black


A sweater with a bold statement, but subtly displayed. If you look good enough, you can see the text “Safe the world! It is the only planet that has horses”. The text is printed at hip height. This sweater is made out of 100% organic cotton french terry fabric.

Color: black




Organic cotton

The main difference between conventional and organic cotton is the use of chemicals. Around 20% of the world wide use of pesticides is used for growing cotton. Organic farming uses natural alternatives, like feromone traps and garlic.


Organic cotton is GMO-free. Genetical modification is used by cotton farmers to increase the yield per hectare and to make plants resistant to certain deceases.  Organic agriculture is more labour extensive and has a lower yield per hectare, thus resulting in higher prices than conventional cotton.

Chain certification

Certified organic cotton is controlled from seed to shirt. In every step of the production proces the environmental cirucmstances are optimised and the labour conditions of those who work on creating the perfect cotton for your new shirt are strictly monitored. We use GOTS or OE100 certified cotton.


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